The Sleep Mentor

Empowering individuals and groups into gaining and maintaining a healthier relationship with sleep

Is this you?

You can't fall asleep. You can fall asleep but can't stay asleep. You wake in the night many times. You wake too early in the morning. You can't wake in the morning. You feel unrested in the morning. You feel unrested all day. You feel unwell, lacking energy and you think it's because of problems that you have with sleep - it's affecting your mood, relationships and work.
get good sleep

You are not alone

Sleep problems are having a negative impact on all aspects of life for many people... but there is help.

You have taken the first step towards better sleep and wellbeing by looking for help, here's how we get you there:
  • 1 get in touch

    Our initial chat is free, via Zoom or Skype, or a visit to our clinic or to your organisation.
  • 2 book a consultation

    Explorative and empowering conversations taking a look at all aspects of health and wellbeing to facilitate healthier sleep.
  • 3 treatment and training

    Super-relaxing clinical treatments and personalised training in relaxation supportive techniques.
  • 4 home maintenance plan and support

    Personalised plan and sleep toolkit, put together just for you.

What's different about The Sleep Mentor?

Maybe you've tried the apps, self-help books and online courses, to no avail.
What is it that I can offer you?

In-person clinic treatments 

Assisted relaxation 

An integrative approach of authentic, traditional complementary therapy with evidence-based, scientifically proven techniques to gently guide body and brain into a rediscovery of deep relaxation.

An invaluable restorative, rejuvenating and effortless kick-start to maintaining better rest and relaxation at home.

Whole-person perspective 

Personalised plan 

A carefully considered holistic plan put together just for you to maintain the work achieved in clinical sessions, or as a stand alone consultation.

Taking into consideration your lifestyle, personality, physiology and personal goals, this is a truly bespoke service.

Natural and sustainable 

Integrative approach 

Taking the best of proven traditional and complementary therapeutic practices and incorporating conventional, scientifically studied, evidence-based techniques to support mental and physical wellbeing.

Providing you with the best of both worlds for a natural recovery and sustainable foundation for total wellbeing, that has proven benefits.

A lifetime of experience 

Your Mentor 

With training in NHS accredited Health Coaching and Cornwall Council's 'Healthy Cornwall' initiative, Kellie is a facilitator for the improvement of health and reduction of 'health inequalities', encouraging and empowering people to make healthier lifestyle choices and to achieve positive long term behaviour changes.

Her training with The Sleep Council's The Sleep Charity has inspired her to create The Sleep Mentor: creating beneficial cultural and behavioural change within our communities through recognising the importance of healthy sleep.


The Facts

  • 1 in 5 GP consultations in the UK are down to sleep-related tiredness and fatigue

  • Stroke and heart disease risk significantly increases in those who frequently sleep fewer that six hours a night

  • 20% of road deaths are related to fatigue

  • £40.2 billion a year is the cost to the UK economy due to sleep issues

  • An additional 6 days off work is taken by those who sleep less than 6 hours a night, compared to those who sleep 7-9 hours


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Feel better soon!

Well done for seeking help.