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Empowering individuals, communities and workforces into gaining and maintaining a healthier relationship with sleep

Sleep Yourself Well!

These empowering and informative workshops, funded through Falmouth Cultural Services for Falmouth Town Council, encourage and support beneficial health changes for individuals, families, friend groups and workmates.
Through gaining an understanding of the process of healthy sleep and opening exploration into our own sleep habits, participants learn how to create beneficial lifestyle change and explore solutions to aid healthier sleep patterns in support of overall wellbeing.

Sleep Yourself Well! 

Sleep Health for Overall Wellbeing

Empowering and informative workshops with the aim of gaining an understanding of the process of healthy sleep and opening exploration into our own sleep habits.

Participants learn how to create beneficial lifestyle change and explore solutions to aid healthier sleep patterns in support of overall wellbeing.


Sleep Awareness & Support Course 

This course explores many aspects to gaining and maintaining a healthy relationship with sleep and solutions to create beneficial changes while being supported during making those changes. 

This course can be put in place as a continuous rolling support group for your organisation or community group. 

Sleep Better, Feel Better!

Sleep Wellbeing for Young Adults 

A 2-part workshop learning about what sleep actually Is all about, understanding the importance of good sleep and looking at what is affecting our sleep and why.  

We look at how creating changes in our sleep habits not only beneficially affects the way we feel day-to-day, but can also support us in achieving everything/anything we want to in life. 

Caring For Carers

Sleep Support for Carers

Whether you care for others as part of your occupation, or as an individual within a family or community setting, supporting others can be mentally and physically exhausting as well as having other factors that lead to a negative impact on your sleep.  

In these workshops our aim is to understand the vital importance of taking care of oneself in order to take care of others, and learn valuable self-care techniques can also be shared with those that are cared for.

Napping Do's and Don'ts

Nap Club!

Napping is an excellent way to top up on your sleep and refresh body and mind for a productive afternoon/evening. 

Find out how unhelpful napping habits  can negatively impact sleep quality at night-time, but constructive napping can support a healthy sleep routine and add quality to your waking life.

Aging Well Through Healthy Sleep

Sleep Aged 50+

As we get older, sleep quantity and quality can be affected by hormonal changes, medical conditions and lifestyle shifts, leading us to think that we're needing less sleep but also feeling tired a lot of the time. 

This workshop provides an understanding of how the process of aging affects our sleep and offers practical tips to aid a better night's sleep to support a healthy body and good mental wellbeing.

Sleep Better Together

Couples and Sleep

Are you a 'Night Owl' partnered with a 'Morning Lark'?  

Couples with differing sleep habits can make life tricky - but there are solutions to a harmonious sleep-life together! 

Menopause Sleep Awareness

Sleep During Menopause 

Looking at how hormonal changes happening during the years around menopause can affect our sleep, having a knock-on effect on our physical health, and emotional and mental wellbeing. 

We explore solutions to disturbed sleep as well as how to support our bodies and mental and emotional wellbeing through good sleep habits during this often challenging time. 

Sleep and Neurodiversity

Sleep with ADHD

People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often experience sleep problems, which can significantly impact their overall well-being. 

Recognizing the links between ADHD and sleep disturbances can be crucial for better life management and overall health.  This workshop looks at these links and will focus on implementing manageable solutions for healthy sleep habits.

NIghtmares and 'Bad Dreams'


While nightmares can be distressing, they are a natural part of our sleep cycle in the course of memory integration and emotional processing. 

You are not alone in experiencing these unpleasant effects of night-time mental processing, and there are strategies to improve your sleep quality that can help reduce the frequency of nightmares.

Loss, Grief and Bereavement

Sleep after Bereavement

Grief and loss is an experience that affects everyone.  Sleep disturbances are common after the loss of a loved one or even the loss of a life situation such as losing your job, becoming ill or the end of a relationship.  

Grief is a deeply personal experience, and everyone copes differently.   This workshop helps us to understand the impact of loss and provides strategies to support the rest and good sleep that is vital for processing and healing. 

Non-medical Approach

Natural Sleep Solutions

It is often thought that medications - 'sleeping pills' - are the only route to relief from sleep problems.  

There are many, many non-medical and 'natural' interventions that you can try to improve your sleep quality and/or quantity.   This workshop looks at a plethora of possible solutions, and takes into consideration your personality, lifestyle and personal goals to find the right techniques for you. 

Considerations for Men and Sleep

Men's Sleep Health

There are biological and physiological differences between the sexes regarding sleep, including gender-specific  sleep-related health conditions as well as the challenges that men face in discussing health issues.  

Addressing sleep-related challenges requires a holistic approach, considering the individual's lifestyle, workplace dynamics and life goals.  In doing this we can work out how to prioritise sleep with least effort and impact, and implement strategies for optimum mental and wellbeing.  

R&R Techniques

Rest - The Route To Sleep

Quality rest and relaxation plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy sleep patterns.  Modern lifestyle tends to view R&R as non-productive - a waste of time - but it is the opposite of this!

Engaging in daily, constructive rest techniques sets the tone and prep for a good night's sleep, contributing to our overall health and wellbeing.

Sleep-supportive Body Movement

Movement for Sleep

Moving the body and regular exercise can significantly and beneficially impact your sleep quality.   

In this workshop we find out why this is and look at examples and suggestions for the right balance of movement and exercise for you and your daily routine in support of a good night's rest.

Non-medical Approach

Too Stressed To Sleep?

Stress and sleep and their relationship can significantly impact our overall wellbeing.

This workshop takes a look at what stress is,  how it affects sleep quality and non-medical strategies that you can try to break an unhealthy stress-sleep cycle.

Shift Workers

Shift Work Sleep Support

The impact of shift work is vast, affecting both physical and mental health and imposing an increased likelihood of errors and accidents.

This workshop explores possible solutions to maintain adequate sleep quantity and quality for shift workers.

For employers, it makes sense to have good sleep support in place as part of your Workplace Wellbeing Policy to prevent accidents and injuries as well as support your employees mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Employee Sleep Health 

Workplace Wellbeing

Does your workplace have a Workplace Wellbeing Policy? 

Get in touch about how your employer can provide free workshops to support your health and wellbeing.

For employers, sleep deprivation not only has a seriously damaging effect on employee's mental and physical health but also on job retention, performance and increased absenteeism and accidents.  With sleep affecting every aspect of health and wellbeing, it makes sense to have good sleep support in place as part of your Employee Wellbeing Policy. 

Do You Have Insomnia?

Do you have insomnia?

Insomnia is not just 'not sleeping well',  it is a debilitating sleep disorder that needs professional support. 

It's important to spot the signs of acute or chronic insomnia in order to get the right support, determine the cause and begin treatment as soon as possible.  This workshop will help you understand what insomnia is and whether it's time for you to seek help.

Specialist Sleep Workshops

Bespoke Sleep Workshops

Need specialist sleep support for your organisation? 

Speak to Kellie about putting together a workshop or course perfect for you, your goals, your budget and your attendees.

What our participants say:

"Welcoming & comfortable, accessible, friendly & knowledgeable"

"Excellent!  Valuable information that can be used to aid better sleep"

"Really helpful and informative workshop. Covered lots of information and areas"

"So much information on the mechanics of sleep I have looked at but found it too scientific in its language to fully grasp before"

"I have a better understanding of sleep through being able to ask questions to someone who has a deeper understanding"

"It has helped me to understand the importance of sleep, in regards to the health effects"

"Very confident (that I will take action in making these changes) the tools given are easy to implement"

"Through the skills gained I have motivation to not give up in my quest for healthier sleep"

"Thank you for the opportunity.  Really good value of any council funding and support"

Other workshops you may be interested in: 

Grow Through Pain

Grow Through Pain

Do you experience persistent, chronic or long-term pain?  Do you support or care for someone that does?  

Grow Through Pain workshops and courses offer a supported and safe space to explore non-medical possible routes to relief, encouraging and empowering you into making beneficial changes in support of a good quality of life - helping you to grow through pain, not just go through pain.

Meditation for Pain, Stress and Fatigue

Caring for Carers

Meditation has been scientifically proven to help support stress, fatigue and pain. 

In this short workshop we look at how meditation can benefit the health and wellbeing of carers as well as a provide a valuable tool that can be used to support those they care for. 

Therapeutic Silence 

Silence Retreat Day  

Silence Retreats are a supported and safe space to deeply relax, disconnect from the stresses of life and reconnect to oneself and to nature.

Holistic Wellbeing

Bespoke Workshops

Talk to Kellie about the many ways in which she can provide support for beneficial health and wellbeing for your community group, organisation or workplace. 

Or why not invite your friends and family to private workshop designed just for you!  A great way to celebrate a get-together, birthday, anniversary  or as a healthy alternative to a Stag/Hen gathering!

Cancer Carers Support

Sleep solutions and support for those that are caring for someone that is living with cancer

The Cove Macmillan Centre Support Group

Royal Cornwall Hospital

If you are supporting someone that is living with cancer, The Cove Macmillan Support Centre at Royal Cornwall Hospital collaborates with The Sleep Mentor to offer support and workshops to raise awareness on the importance of good sleep and offers practical non-medical solutions in aid of achieving good sleep for wellbeing, healing and recovery.

The 'Family, Friends and Carers Support Group' is open to anyone affected by cancer.

Sleep Better, Feel Better

Sleep workshops for organisations that support youth and young adults

Sleep Better, Feel Better

A two-day workshop aimed at helping people aged 16-25 overcome barriers to wellbeing by addressing the fundamentally vital importance of getting good sleep.
This particular workshop is fully funded and hosted by the Dracaena Centre, a community hub based in Falmouth, these workshops are aimed to help youth and young adults through the social enterprise REFRESH: helping young people achieve the future they deserve. 

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